The Metals

The Metals are very versatile and can be used for various types of play.
• You can use them for sensation play and to caress the skin.
• They're excellent for temperature play. Just throw the plaything in the fridge or freezer before play, or wrap it in a heated (microwaved) damp towel. Don't put metal playthings directly into the microwave, it might break.
• They are really nice for (reverse) Violet Wand play. Charge the bottom with a cable or pad Violet Wand electrode and use the Metal plaything to inflict sparks all over the body.
• You can use them for light flogging, or hard flogging if your play partner can stand it.
• When the bottom is blindfolded it feels really special when you let the metal chains pool around and over the mouth. It feels like water and simulates breath play without the bottom's breathing actually being disrupted.

The Brick
The Brick is very heavy and is best used by swinging it from below on the butt of a standing bottom. Care should be taken when landing its full weight on shoulders, neck or back.

Triplettes de Hellville
Use the Triplettes de Hellville by holding the plaything horizontal 20 cm (8") above the body. Then place a finger under the rods, apply some downward pressure with the handle and slowly move your finger towards the end of the rods. The three rods of the plaything will be released one by one and will cause not one, not two but three nasty, very stingy hits in the same spot in rapid succession. Warning, Triplettes can leave marks.
(Les Triplettes de Bellville is an animated movie about three sisters. Our plaything is just as animated but more hellish.)

The Ping and the Pong
Put the ring onto the body, pull the bead and let go. Using it on fleshy parts of the body works best, like on butts, thighs and breasts. It will cause a very deep thud sensation. Repeated used may cause bruising.
Not recommended for use on the boney parts of the body like the spine, shoulder blades and arms.

The Birch
The flexibility of the Birch can be adapted by sliding the ring. It's less rigid when the ring is near the handle and is more like a cane when the ring is at the end. Great for bastinado, hitting the soles of the feet.

The Vipers
Some tops use them on testicles and nipples. Warning, Vipers can leave marks. Recommendation to tops: wear ear protection, loud screams may occur.

Insertion of Quinck playthings is not recommended.

Have fun, play safe and with consent.

Quinck Playthings. Dutch design, made with love in Montreal, Canada.

Note: All Quinck playthings are for novelty purposes only, and we are NOT responsible for any injuries that may occur due to the use and/or misuse of our products. Please play safe.

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