Some of the Quinck Playthings are available in our brand new Etsy shop. More products will be added soon, and if you want a product that's not on there or have a custom plaything made you can order it there as well.


When you're located in Montreal, to avoid shipping charges, a wide selection of Quinck playthings is available at

Il Bolero
6846, rue St-Hubert (between Saint-Zotique and Belanger; metro Beaubien or Jean-Talon)

and at

Armada, The Men Store

1359, rue Sainte-Catherine East (Gay Village; metro Papineau or Beaudry)

If you want a plaything that you can't find there, or if you are from outside the Montreal area, send me a message and maybe it is in stock, and otherwise I can inform you when it will be available for shipping to you.

If you want a custom plaything made, contact me and we can discuss your wishes and the possibilities. I’m regularly attending kink events in and around Montreal and I usually carry some playthings with me. You can also ask me to bring a demo model of a specific plaything that interests you, and then you can try it out before you buy it.

Quinck Playthings. Dutch design, made with love in Montreal, Canada.

Note: All Quinck playthings are for novelty purposes only, and we are NOT responsible for any injuries that may occur due to the use and/or misuse of our products. Please play safe.

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